Moving forward we will introduce a minimum amount of $AIRDOGE tokens in your wallet in order to qualify for an airdrop. I would like to point out that this is not a marketing decision, but purely for logistics and economical reasons that benefit the project long term.

Minimum amount of $AIRDOGE tokens to qualify for airdrops: 100,000 AIRDOGE (currently worth <10$)
*This amount is subject to change and can be removed or increased in the future. That will always be communicated ahead of time!

Explanation for this decision: As we are using proportional method for distribution, there are some wallets that receive less than 5 cent worth of airdrops. Now that we are also airdropping AIRDOGE to other communities during partnerships, the amount of such wallets will increase exponentially. What happens is we end up paying more for the transactions than what people with those wallets receive from the airdrop and also our airdrop gets very diluted hurting the real holders.
By introducing this threshold, we also eliminate airdrop going to dead wallets or wallets that sold their AIRDOGE and have leftovers.
We believe that having at least 9$ worth of AIRDOGE is a fair amount that doesn’t exclude anyone and offers a more clean execution of the airdrops.


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