Moving forward we will introduce a minimum amount of $AIRDOGE tokens in your wallet in order to qualify for an airdrop. I would like to point out that this is not a marketing decision, but purely for logistics and economical reasons that benefit the project long term.

Minimum amount of…

The team is beyond thankful to everyone who has supported us since the beginning and that is why we decided to do the first airdrop from our own pocket.

No AIRDOGE was spent for this airdrop, it is a gift from the team to all holders!

We are big fans of so we decided to airdrop 700,000,000 CSTR to the community!

To manually add $CSTR to your wallet: Contract: 0x7e35e6d4e113f1d2d8ac90f8ec970b6dfae39385 Token: CSTR Decimals: 9 To keep up with CASTAR price:

Please keep in mind that this is first of many airdrop for holders and we are just getting started.

Spread the word and lets all grow together and enjoy juicy airdrops as our community becomes a cornerstone in the #BSC ecosystem

AIRDOGE rewards its holders by researching, securing and using the treasury to airdrop free BSC gems. Our job is to search far and wide for the best tokens so you dont have to. All you have to do is buy and hold AIRDOGE to earn the rewards. It’s that simple!

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